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Our Work

We help turn your overgrown gardens into a retirement fund, holiday or much needed refurbishment


End of Terrace House

The previous owner has put the property on the market for almost a year with few sales falling through in the last minute.  We came in and made a fair offer based on the potential of the land.  Once accepted, we moved quickly and completed within six weeks.  Then we obtained planning permission for another house.  Other buyers did not realise this potential of the house and hence made low ball offers that was unviable for the seller


Pair of Semi -detached Houses

The owner has inherited the property .  The property was not getting its fair share of price considering the large plot of land.  The property was only getting the price for the the built up area.  We came in made a significantly higher offer.  We completed in 6 weeks and applied for planning later.  Eventually planning is on going for adding 2 more houses.


Funding University fees

The owner was struggling to put her daughter through university.  However she did not want to move from the area.  We came in, made a proposal to take part of her garden and build a house that doesnt hinder her enjoyment of garden and still able to release enough funds to see through university


Care Home

The seller had power of attorney to sell the land from his ailing mother.  The mounting care home fees put a huge financial strain on the vendor.  However he did not want to sell on the family legacy.  We made a proposal to just take out 25 % of garden land and turn into a house to be sold for one of family members.  This way he was able to release the funds, own the family home and still be able to live in a small house right at the end of the garden

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