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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

How much is a square metre of garden land worth?

Are there any community consultation or engagement requirements for garden land development projects?

What are the legal obligations and responsibilities of a landowner during the development process?

Can I appeal a planning decision if my garden land development proposal is rejected?

What should I do if my garden land development proposal is rejected by the local planning authority?

How can I ensure that my garden land development is environmentally sustainable?

Are there any government incentives or programs available for garden land development?

Green Homes initiative, Solar panel and Wind turbine grant, Air Source heat pump

What are the potential risks or challenges associated with building on garden land?

TPO(Tree Preservation Order), Drain pipe in garden

What professionals or experts may I need to consult during the planning and building process?

How can I sell my land in the UK?

What is the process for obtaining planning permission for building on garden land?

What factors influence the likelihood of obtaining planning permission for garden land development?

These include compliance with local planning policies and regulations, such as zoning restrictions, density limits, and environmental conservation measures.

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